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We can help you create a better life for yourself and your family,

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A Personal Message from John Porter Ė Founder of  Infinity Downline Fast Track Team.

You may be reading my website, or the website of one of my Team Members, but I would like to introduce myself by way of this message.

I havenít paid a professional copywriter to write a super persuasive selling website, full of sugar coated fluff designed to get you to part with your money. Thatís a tactic of some of the big name marketers.

Nor do I follow many of their conventions, such as setting honey traps with those insane statements of the huge amounts of money you will make, while barely lifting a finger to do any work. I still smile when I think about a statement Michelle Raybourn has on one of her websites: ďYou mean I still have to do some Work? Ė Sorry but Yup!Ē  Thatís truer, clear and to the point.

It is certainly true that the Internet has leveled the playing field with regard to modern day Business, in fact itís opened a completely new playing field. Where else can you start a part time Home Based Business with very little investment, that has the potential to far exceed the income you earn from a full time job?

Even if you love your job and don't really want to replace it, you still need to consider the fact that NO job is 100% safe. The best time to start creating extra income is NOW, not when you may desperately need it.

I invite you to check out a Business Opportunity that is REAL. Itís affordable for the average person, it has substance, in fact I even call it brilliant, but more importantly it is one that I consider just about everyone can have success with, and could build to the point of replacing the income from their jobs.

If you join us you will be part of a Team, we will be helping you, not leaving you to do this all by yourself. We will even be spending our own money to help promote your website.

Now it will take you more than a few minutes to read through this website. If you canít afford the time to read and consider what I say, then I believe your very unlikely to be able to spend the time necessary to build a successful and profitable Business. Sorry if I sound blunt but I prefer to tell you facts, not fairy tales. It will always be fact that we have to spend time to create a better future for ourselves and our families, take the time to start right now.

I wish you every success.

John Porter


Facts Not Fiction

Can you really replace your income and work from Home? The answer is yes, Home Based Internet Business has become of age, accounting for a trillion dollar industry and growing larger every day. Millions of people worldwide are seeing the need for change, the need to take more personal control of their own future, and we are increasingly seeing similar views being published in influential national media such as Money and Time Magazines. Read what they say below:

Money Magazine says "Get The Life You Really Want". They go on to say that nearly 8000 people per day are heading towards starting a new life for themselves working from home, and that most begin in their spare time. They earn an average of $50,250.00  per year, which is higher than average working incomes.

Time Magazine talks about The Future Of Work. It presents a dismal picture of traditional work opportunities - "Throw away the briefcase: you're not going to the office. There's no longer a safe corporate ladder for you to climb, and you may never get to retire. But there's a world of opportunity out there if you figure out a new path"

That new path is taking your future into your own hands, creating your own income and security. You can start part time and build to the point where you are working for yourself from home, with your own Home Based Internet Business.

Time Magazine - Bill Gates Agrees: If anyone knows the future for Computers and the Internet it has to be Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. He says: "In the years ahead, millions of additional people will telecommute" - that is - Work From Home using their Computers and the Internet.

Before We Continue - Do You Live In The USA?

If you do I want to show you something that should really interest you.

Even the US Government Validates the Value of Home Based Business

 The BIGGEST "Economic Relief" in America goes to HOME-BUSINESS OWNERS! 

 In fact, our government will actually PAY YOU to run your own Home-Based Business!!! 

UNCLE SAM says, "If you do that, I'll cut your taxes by $3,000 to $6,000 or more every year, starting RIGHT NOW, and furthermore, I'll let you collect part of your additional Tax Refund every couple of weeks, all year long - NOT waiting for April 15. As soon as you add up all of your tax savings, you can visit your payroll office to fill out a short form called a W-4 that will begin to put an extra $300-$600 per month in your take home pay -- beginning with your very next paycheck!!!  It's like putting extra cash in your take home pay -- beginning with your very next paycheck!!!   -- week after week after week! That's just from tax savings not even counting the money you'll make in your business!

I'v personally never seen any other Online Business Opportunity Website provide this information. Perhaps they don't  know about it, or perhaps they think it will distract you from their well crafted sales message. There's another possibility too, after all, if they are running Online Business's they should be aware of the tax advantages of Online Home Based Business. Now this is just a perhaps, but perhaps their interests are more centered on themselves than on you. Our focus is on you. We want to help you in every way we can, so please take a few minutes to watch the short video below.

Click Image To Open Video In New Window

(may take a minute to load)

If you would like to visit the website for more information, click the Image below, but please finish reading what we have to say first - you will find it even more interesting.

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We can no longer rely on our jobs to provide us with a secure lifestyle. In just the last few years we have seen record job loss's and unemployment, record bankruptcies and home foreclosures, companies downsizing or exporting jobs overseas, even the collapse of some of the worlds largest companies  including  Banks and Financial Institutions. This situation will effect many people for their entire lifetimes. Some may never find work again, others will be effected by their retirement funds having been lost or severely devalued.

Here are five recent Headlines from articles published in MSN Money, they are specific to the US but similar stories are being published throughout the Western world.

  1. 42% of US Workers Live Paycheck to Paycheck.

  2. A Fading Dream? US Home Ownership Plummets.

  3. Recession Officially Over But US Incomes Falling.

  4. Wages Have Dropped and Won't Catch Up Until 2021.

  5. Sharp Rise In Foreclosures as Banks Move In.

I'm not running a scare campaign here, you know that what I'm saying is the truth. Over the past few years nearly everyone would have seen headlines and articles, or television coverage showing similar stories. You may have already been effected yourself, or know someone who has been. It is just fact - jobs and incomes are not safe, nor are investments or even retirement funds. You really do need to become more involved with your own future and security. I'm giving good advice here, no BS.

Even if we have a job that is safer than most, is it really that good? We generally work forty hours a week for forty years, to retire on 40% of what wasn't enough in the first place. JOB - Just Over Broke - that says it all. Are you really living the life of your dreams? There's a saying "If you keep doing what your doing now, you'll keep getting what your getting now. Nothing changes unless you change it" Perhaps it's time to think about a change, to start creating some more security for yourself and your family.

There's Never a Better Time to Start Than Right Now.

 Very Interesting Figures From Google

These figures are from Google so we know they are accurate, they are figures from month of July 2010, taken from keyword search terms used by people who searched for information on Home and Internet Business's. Note too that these are only Google search figures, they don't account for any searches made in MSN or Yahoo etc, so the numbers are even higher than I'm showing you. Global is Worldwide, Local is USA.

  Keyword Competition Global Monthly Searches Local Monthly Searches

work from home                                              2,240,000                            1,500,000

internet business                                                823,000                               550,000

work at home business opportunity                  301,000                                246,000

best home internet business                              165,000                               135,000

online home based business                              110,000                                 90,500

Just from 5 keywords (there are many more smaller keywords) the World Wide (Global) numbers of people searching for information on Home Based and Internet Business during just one month, July 2010, adds up to 3 million six hundred and thirty nine thousand.  Of that number, 2 million five hundred and twenty one thousand, five hundred were from the US. The total number of people searching on How To Work From Home with an Internet Business is simply staggering to say the least.

If Others Can Do It, Why Not You?

Robert Kiyosaki, Author of the New York Times best seller "Rich Dad Poor Dad", said that middle class people work for money, while the rich have money work for them.

We are going to turn that around and show you how to make a small amount of money work for you. That small amount of money can turn into a rich residual monthly  income stream - you could replace your current income within 12 months, or see meaningful additional monthly income within just the first few months.

First We Want To Tell You A Secret

Truthfully, it's not that much of a secret really, but so many people get this wrong when they first try to start a home based Business, and getting it right or wrong will usually mean the difference between success or failure. The difference between developing a full time income from your Internet Business or perhaps just a trickle of extra income.

Many people starting Home Based Internet Business's will start with things such as Affiliate Marketing, selling Amazon or Clickbank Products for Affiliate Commissions. Now there is nothing wrong with Affiliate Marketing, in fact we do it ourselves, but it is chasing single sales, you need sale after sale and continuing sale after sale to earn even a reasonable income.

The Secret - you should ALWAYS set out to develop a Business that provides you with Residual Income, that is, you make a sale once and that sale gives you Monthly Residual (Recurring) Income. Think about your Gym Membership, Cell Phone Bill, Electricity Bill, etc. Those companies make a sale to you once but keep receiving income from you month after month, often for years ongoing. You should first concentrate ONLY on building a residual income until you can replace your job and work full time for yourself in IM, then you can start building multiple income streams if you desire.

We are going to show you how you can have your own Residual Income Business, but one with another major advantage too, it's compounding plan means that other people will actually be doing more Business Building for you than you have to do for yourself.

How Can We Help You?

A Great Business Opportunity + Exclusive Team Approach

We will show you what we believe to be the best Internet Business Opportunity going. Over 200,000 people have already joined since startup in March 2009, and thousands more join each month. The cost is minimal, only US$25 per month and you receive the Business Opportunity, your own Replicated Website, and the Product Line of hundreds of hours of audio and video instruction training modules. The product line alone is worth thousands of dollars. What is exceptional though is the Business Opportunity Concept. It is Brilliant to say the least.

If your wondering how a $25 per month program could ever replace your income, just keep an open mind. You are going to be amazed at the compounding effect of the plan.

The Business Opportunity is called Infinity Downline

In case you are concerned, Infinity Downline is no Get Rich Quick Scam site. It opened in March 2009 and has passed the 200,000 Members mark in June 2011. It is owned by Multiplex Systems Inc. which has been operating for 13 years. Both companies are owned by Peter Wolfing, a self made multi millionaire with over 20 years experience in Network Marketing and Internet Business, and who currently owns and runs more than 100 Internet Companies. There would be few if any Internet Marketing Business's with such impressive credentials and experience behind them.

Before I show you the main Infinity Downline company website, I want to show you in a more simplified way how the Infinity Downline concept builds your Residual Monthly income. You only need to refer 4 people, and they refer 4 and ongoing, and your income keeps growing to infinity. Please play the video below:


Crunch The Numbers

Are you a number cruncher? If not we will do it for you. Think about the Google Search Term Figures. Three million six hundred and thirty nine thousand people  (+) worldwide searching for Home Based and Internet Business  in One Month Alone.

Now, with  Infinity Downline, you only have to sign up 4 of those people, and your Downline each sign up 4. To earn a monthly income of say US$8,000  only requires 320 people in your total Downline, and you have started with just 4, the other 316 have been passed up to you. Of course, why on earth would any of us stop at just 4.?

Now it's time for you to look through the main Infinity Downline website. We want you to take your time, read the whole website and play the videos. Don't mind that it's flashy, they even admit that themselves. DON'T SIGN UP YET. After you finish, come back and continue reading about how our Infinity Downline Fast Track Team will help you to succeed.

Click On Button Below


Have You Looked Through The

Infinity Downline Website?

To Summarize The Business Opportunity:

Infinity Downline allows each Member to on-sell Monthly Memberships to the Infinity Downline Membership Site, where Members are able to access libraries of Audio and Video Training modules. Collectively these training modules are worth thousands of dollars, but Members have full access to all Audio and Video titles for just the cost of their $25 monthly membership in Infinity Downline. To put this product value into perspective - Video Training programs purchased from other companies may cost as much as $60 for a Single Title. Furthermore, Infinity Downline provides each Member with their own replicated Website and Back Office, and allows Members to keep the full $25 per month Membership Fee's from their Downlines, taking No Administration Fees whatever.

Time For A Warning



Trying To Do This On Your Own Can Be

              Bad For Your Wealth


You won't see this on many websites, but we want to tell you the facts:

95% of people who try to earn extra income by setting up their own Internet Businessís, or joining an Online Business Opportunity, will fail. They will fail to earn sufficient income from their Online Businessís to ever enable them to leave their jobs.

The reasons will vary, but can include:

Choosing the wrong Online Business Opportunity Ė Some Online Businessís are more suitable for the experienced Marketer. Others have limited possibility of any real success. There are so many Online Opportunities out there, itís often difficult to sort through the maze.

Some people will jump from one Business Opportunity to the next, always searching for the next shiny opportunity Ė never giving themselves or the Business the time or effort for it to succeed.

Then there is the level of our experience. If we are new to Internet Marketing we could say weíre still in Internet Kindergarten, while others having much more time and experience may have graduated virtual Internet University.  In the offline world we know we need education and qualifications, or on the job learning and training before we can earn any reasonable income. Itís no different online, except the learning can be way more difficult. Weíre home alone, do we even know what we need to learn, let alone where to learn it?

How Do We Increase Our Chances Of Success?

Together Everyone Achieves More

The principle of TeamWork is that by working together we can all achieve more and in a shorter timeframe. This is the overriding idea behind our Fast Track Team concept.

Certainly, everyone could just promote Infinity Downline by themselves, finding their own advertising sources and sending people directly to their Infinity Downline website, and in fact this is the way most people will work. The downside to this is that in reality your referral signups are the engine that powers your success in Infinity Downline. Your success is propelled by your referrals passing 2 signups to you, and those passing 2 to you and so on to infinity. Think of the Downline as being like a chain, a chain's strength is defined by it's weakest link. Your success, and everyone else's, depends directly upon the success of every person in your Downline. Their success is also your success. It makes sense to work as a Team, by helping and supporting every Member of the Team we are all directly helping ourselves and ensuring our own success in the fastest possible time.

Now it's time to tell you how being a member of our Team will help you and your Downline. No one is left out, even those that we and you have to pass up to our referrer's will be offered all the advantages of membership in our Fast Track Team.

Infinity Downline Fast Track Team

We Are Going To Give You The Missing Pieces Of The Puzzle


To Fast Track Your Success


In this case we have already found a great Business Opportunity with a value for money product line and a brilliant downline building and direct compensation plan.

Our Fast Track Team Membership adds to that by providing many benefits to both help you, and to give you a competitive advantage to fast track your success. Some of the benefits you receive are:

  • You will have your own Infinity Downline Fast Track Team Website, the same as this website but embedded with your own Infinity Downline website link. This sets you apart from those sending people directly to their Infinity Downline websites, and allows you to offer all the benefits of Fast Track Team Membership to your prospects.


  • You will have access to the private Fast Track Team Membership Site. The Membership Site provides a multitude of benefits, including training and free advertising resources. We provide you with access to thousands of dollars in value of completely free advertising. We also supply ready to place advertising copy, emails, banners, etc. Too many features to mention here, but all directed to helping you succeed in building your Business.


  • You will have your own USP - Unique Selling Proposition - your USP is the fact that you are able to give every member of your Downline  membership to the Infinity Downline Fast Track Team.  It enables you to provide all the Fast Track Team benefits to your Downline. They will then receive their own Fast Track Team Website and access to the Team Membership Site, and in turn be able to promote their Business using their USP. Having a USP gives you competitive advantage over others promoting the same Business Opportunity via direct company links and websites.


  • You will be able to take part in out Fast Track Team Advertising Co-Op. You can purchase a low cost share in Advertising Packages that we purchase. Your Fast Track Team Website is then placed in a Co-Op Team Rotator to give your website an equal share of exposure from paid advertising sources.


  • You will have access to Personal Assistants who will help you with any problems you may experience. We have a support system within the private Membership Site.


  • You will have access to many other Team Benefits such as downloads of ebooks and software to help you in developing your knowledge and skills in Internet Marketing. If you live in the US we will show you how US tax laws allow you to save up to $100 per week from the tax you are paying now in your Job, just from operating a Home Based Business.


A Key Concept In Our Fast Track Plan

We Will Help Fast Track Your Success

By Actively Promoting Every

Team Members FTT Website

Free Team Rotator

A key concept of our Fast Track Team approach is that you will not be on your own, even when it comes to Advertising and Promoting your own Fast Track Team website. This is one of many Team benefits that we provide completely Free for you.

For those who are unsure of what a Rotator is - it is a software program that allows us to input a list of websites that are rotated in sequence from one common (rotator) URL

Every Team Members FTT Website will be entered into the Free Team Rotator, and then our Corporate Team will purchase Paid Advertising to feed the Rotator. Each click on the Rotator link in an Advertisement or Mailing will then open and display a different Team Members FTT website. This is done in sequence, starting with the first Members website that we enter, cycling through to the last entered website, then starting over again.  Inclusion in this Rotator is Free for all Members.

This is a different Rotator to one mentioned in the Fast Track Team Advertising CoOp


What Will We Expect From You?

Can You Just Lie Back And Relax And

Have Us Do It All For You?


Sorry, but no, nothing comes from nothing, if your serious about your future you will understand that you have to invest both time and a small amount of money into your Business. We expect commitment and focus from you. If you are not willing to put some time and effort and a small investment into your Business, you might as well stop reading now, as this is not for you.

Time - you will need to spend an hour or more each day advertising/promoting your Business. You should also allow time to learn more about Internet Business, especially if this is all new to you. Learning is an ongoing process, it takes us from the knowledge and skill levels of virtual Internet Kindergarten to finally graduating virtual Internet University.

Money - Internet Business's require very small investment compared to Main Street type Business's, but they are still Real Business's and  require some money to be invested in them.

We have three requirements for Membership in our Fast Track Team:

1. You must register your own Domain Names via GoDaddy. Cost is currently US$11.44 Per Year for each Domain. (You will need 2 Domain Names) If you don't already have a GoDaddy account, links and instructions, together with suggestions for your Domain Names are in the Membership Site.

2. You must sign up for a Hosting account with HostGator via our link in the Membership Site. Cost is US$9.95 per month.  The Hosting account is required to Host scripts associated with your FastTrackTeam website. We need full access to upload scripts and to make changes as required, so we will only work with new HostGator accounts originating from our link. Link and full instructions on setting up your Hostgator account are in the Membership site.

1. Preparation:

1.  Setup a free gmail email address especially for Infinity Downline and Fast Track Team. gmail is the most reliable email for Internet Business, but still check your spam box for wayward emails. Using one email address for your Infinity Downline Business keeps everything organised in one place. To setup a gmail email account go to: http://www.gmail.com We suggest using an email address like: yournamefasttrack@gmail.com or yournameftt@gmail.com (replacing "yourname" with your own name)

2. You will need to make up a  Username and Password for Infinity Downline. Your Username could be the same as your gmail, for example: yournamefasttrack

3. You will need a free AlertPay account to both pay your monthly subscription for Infinity Downline as well as to receive payments yourself. When you receive payments you can transfer these funds from your AlertPay account direct to your Bank account. AlertPay is a Payment Processor similar to Paypal but more reliable for this type of Internet Business. You will need a Personal Pro account. If you already have a Personal Starter account you can upgrade free to a Personal Pro account. You will need to have and link a Credit or Debit Card to your AlertPay account so that AlertPay can draw on it to pay the monthly subscription payments. If you do not already have an AlertPay account click on the banner below to setup your AlertPay account.


NOTE: some Members may also accept payment by PayPal. You should still set up an AlertPay account as well.

2. Signup To Infinity Downline:

1. Scroll up and click on the red & black Infinity Downline Button to take you back to the Infinity Downline website.

2. Click on JOIN button in menu bar. Enter your details. For Contact Email use the gmail email you setup for your Infinity Downline Business. When finished click Submit

3. You will receive a registration confirmation email - Welcome to Infinity Downline. This will show your Username and Password, your Login URL and your Infinity Downline Website URL (Your Site).

4. Click on Login URL in email and then login using your Username and Password. After you are logged in, Scroll down page to the blue Click Here To Start Payment Process. Follow instructions to make your subscription payment.

NOTE: When you start Payment Process it will show Payment Processor/s that the Member will accept.

3. Signup To Fast Track Team:

1. DO NOT DO THIS STEP UNTIL YOU HAVE FINISHED ALL ABOVE: After you have made payment to your Referrer as above, come back here and fill out your details in the form below and click to send. Please ensure you enter all details required.


First Name
Last Name
Your Infinity Downline User Name
Your ID Sponsor"s Name

2. You will receive an email from us (Infinity Fast Track Team) with details to access our Infinity Downline Fast Track Team Membership Site. You will then Create your Free Membership Account, and Sign In and look through our Team Membership Site before doing anything else - ESPECIALLY BEFORE completing the steps to add your Payment Information (How people can pay you within the Infinity Downline system) in your Infinity Downline Website Profile. We have clearer video instructions in the Membership Site on how to add your AlertPay payment button to your Infinity Downline Website.


I look forward to welcoming you to our Team.



John C. Porter









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